Image taken at Mystery Island of the mainland Aneityum

How can I book a tour with you?

We take direct bookings for hire of the clam shell cabanas, 1/2 day beach huts, Fire Walking and Village Walk tours. All stand up paddle boarding, snorkeling and clear kayaking tours need to be booked through your cruise ship, either via the ships website or from the shore excursions desk on board.

Can we book a tour through you directly even though that tour is being sold on the cruise ship?

No. We have a contract with the cruise ships and therefore any tours of ours which are part of the shore tours/excursions programs needs to be booked through the ship.

Do you have insurance?

Yes we do! As we have a number of tours sold on board the cruise ships already you can be assured our insurance and compliance is fully completed. 

Are your boats safe?

Yes they are, some of our tours transport guests on our banana boats. They are registered with the Vanuatu Government and compliant with the law. We have safety measures on board including life rings, life jackets and first aid kits. Our staff recently underwent first aid training too.

Do I need to bring money (and which currency) to Mystery Island?

There are a number of things to do on Mystery Island that will require cash payment, such as the local handicraft markets, the cafe, fresh lobster for lunch and any tours not booked through the ship e.g. stand up paddle board hire, hire of a cabana beach lounger or snorkel equipment. Most vendors accept AU$.

Do you provide a refund if our ship doesn't make it to Mystery Island?

If your ship doesn't dock at Mystery Island due to BAD WEATHER (or medical emergancy) then we will provide a full refund (for tours booked directly with us). Please note refunds will be processed within 14 days of the ships cancellation date.